Yixing Teapot

The history of teapot used to brew tea may have to date back to as early as the Sung Dynasty in China. The Yixing Clay Teapots are made of special zisha clay which contains various minerals found only in Yixing, China.

The Yixing Clay Teapots enjoys very high reputation around the world. Undoubtedly, it's the best teapot you can ever get. After repeated uses the Yixing teapots begin to absorb tea into the walls of the teapot and becomes seasoned with a coating that retains the rich flavors of the tea. This will surely enhance your drinking experience and bring you more flavor of the tea you drink. Usually, only one type of tea is brewed in Yixing Clay Teapots, such as Oolong Tea, Green Tea, etc, because of the Yixing teapot's absorbent nature it has to ensure that each cup of tea keeps its own true distinctive flavor. Though most of the teapot in this series may cost you some $, it worth the money you pay for, indeed! Spare some time and browse our catalogue, I'm sure you will find what you like in our Tea Store Online!

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